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Promoting cooperative based seed production: The case of ISSD Amhara Unit support to Serten-Endeg SPC

ISSD’s Amhara Unit support in organizing Serten Endeg Seed Producer Cooperative (SPC) as a legal entity, obtaining certificate of competency, building basic infrastructure, linkage with market outlets and service providers, and enhancing the seed producers’ capacity were vital in strengthening and creating a self-reliant SPC that can contribute to seed supply towards improving food security in Ethiopia.  

collaborating in selected loctions on increasing productivity and strengthening value chains

New effort to better understand and mitigate the effect of COVID-19 on the seed sector: A collaborative effort between ISSD Ethiopia and WCDI

In response to COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on food security, BENEFIT-ISSD Ethiopia Program’s recent effort focuses on better understanding how the pandemic affects the seed sector and supports the development of urgent coping strategies that would enhance resilience and support continuity of activities of the seed sector.

MOA and EKN high level visit to BENEFIT programme sites in Arsi Zone, Ethiopia

A high-level visit took place on September 30, 2019 to BENEFIT (ISSD & REALISE) programme sites in Arsi, Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia. The field visit, organized by The BENEFIT Partnership, was meant to allow visitors to see the dynamics of the progarmmes’ operations and the extent to which the progarmme works with the government, research institutes and other NGOs towards the development of the agriculture sector.