Advisory Board Meeting of BENEFIT Partnership

BENEFIT Partnership organized its first Advisory Board meeting on November 16, 2017 at Azzeman Hotel, Addis Ababa to review the progress made in 2017 by BENEFIT Programs and the tentative work plan for 2018. The meeting was chaired by Mr Abdulsemed, advisory to the State Minister of MoANR and co-chaired by Huub Loffler, Director of Wageningen International.

Following the short presentations of the different programs of BENEFIT Partnership (ISSD, CASCAPE, SBN and ENTAG), DairyBiss which is the BENEFIT hosted program, and the recently designed BENEFIT REALISE program, a general discussion was made. The discussions focused on how to ensure better synergistic effect and on how to align with other initiatives for improved impact.

It was further stressed that in addition to internal collaboration among BENEFIT programs in creating synergy in value chain approach, there is a need for BENEFIT programs to collaborate more with external stakeholders. Moreover, it was suggested to ensure documentation of the improvement achieved in livelihood outcomes of smallholder farmers due to the BENEFIT collaboration instead of individual interventions of the different programs. This is expected to ensure proper tracing of the progress made in ensuring the value for money from the donor perspective.

In conclusion, it was stated that the BENEFIT Partnership programs are expected to further demonstrate innovative evidences of best practices that can be scaled up through different public programs as they have been doing so far.

The advisory board members are composed of high level officials from different government offices : Ministry of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Agricultural Growth Program (AGP II), Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR), Netherland Embassy and Wageningen University and research representatives as member of advisory board , BENEFIT partnership Manager and coordinator as secretary and co-secretary and other BENEFIT programmes coordinators /manager were  observers for the advisory board.

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