Focusing on gender, nutrition and seed system for food and nutrition security

Participants in gender and nutrition training


BENEFIT-ISSD  Tigray organized a training of trainers (TOT) on gender and nutrition for 35  regional and woreda level stakeholders from October 17 -18,2017 in Mekele University . The objective of the TOT was to supplement  gender and nutrition knowledge of the experts in seed system,  which in return contribute to the capacity development initiatives .

Major topics covered during the training were basic concepts of gender, gender as development issue, gender mainstreaming, concept and tools of gender analysis and  gender in project cycle management in gender part. Likewise, health and agriculture linkage, agricultural growth, food and nutrition security, nutrition sensitive agriculture and malnutrition were covered in nutrition part.

Professor Fetien Abay, the scientific coordinator of ISSD Tigray, introduced participants the necessity of ISSD implementation in Tigray region. Accordingly, she said that ISSD always gave priority to farmer based seed system especially in the normally neglected crops like sorghum, the most staple grain all over the region, to achieve food security and then to fulfill the demands of nutrition. Moreover, she presented her research based professional experiences about local crop variety breeding and the nutritious potential they have.

In addition, she said “as ISSD Tigray, we have established about 60 seed producer cooperatives (SPCs) all over the region. These SPCs have so many contributions to nutrition and food security achievements. Our main focus therefore is gender, nutrition and farmer based seed system provision.”

The TOT  was opened by Ato Beshir Ahmed, ISSD Tigray unit manager and he said that multiplication of quality seed, improved and farmer preferred varieties is crucial since seed is the base for food and nutriton security.

The training participants were composed of regional level women’s affairs, experts of BENEFIT Partnership programs based in Tigray  and Tigray region bureau of agriculture and rural development  woreda level focal persons .

Contributed by : BENEFIT-ISSD Tigray

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