BENEFIT-ISSD Ethiopia facilitated a workshop in establishing a national early generation seed (EGS) production and supply system

On February 19 & 20, 2018, BENEFIT-ISSD Ethiopia Programme facilitated a workshop in establishing a national early generation seed production and supply system, at Pyramid Hotel, Bishoftu, Ethiopia.  The two-day workshop that focused on 2018 cropping season was attended by a total of 27 stakeholders (one female), representing the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources (MoANR), Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Amhara Region Agricultural Research Institute, Oromia Agricultural Research Institute, South Agricultural Research Institute, Tigray Agricultural Research Institute, the four regional bureau of agriculture and natural resources, Ethiopia Seed Enterprise, Oromia Seed Enterprise, South Seed Enterprise and ISSD staff members. The workshop was organized and facilitated by BENEFIT-ISSD Project Management Unit in response to a special request from the MoANR to facilitate the establishment process.

In previous workshops, it was agreed the objective of the system will be to:

  • Ensure sustainable and demand driven early generation seed production and supply system in the country
  • Close the critical gap in early generation seed production, that is limiting certified seed production and thereby seed supply
  • Establish responsibility with full accountability for production of the four classes of seed (breeder seed, pre-basic seed, basic seed and certified seed)

To this effect, the workshop was conducted with the following objectives:

  • To review the four regions’ (Amhara, Oromia, SNNPR and Tigray) 2018 cropping season plan for early generation seed production and supply
  • To share experiences and learn from each other on how to plan for early generation seed production
  • To discuss and ensure that pertinent partners understand their responsibilities in planning for early generation seed production
  • Facilitate a demand driven planning for EGS production and supply for 2018 cropping season and beyond

The workshop started with regional and national presentations on their respective 2018 early generation seed production and supply plan, based on trend of demand from previous years, regional Growth and Transformation Plan, demand of seed producers and resources like land, budget and human. That was followed by group discussion, and plenary on sustainable way of planning for demand driven early generation seed production and supply. The planning process involved pertinent stakeholders including farmers, regional research institutes, regional seed enterprise, Ethiopia Seed Enterprise and private seed companies.

The workshop was a great opportunity to have an in-depth discussion on the approach and intended goal in exercising the planning process and marketing system development for EGS.

At the end of the workshop, the participants learned on best approach to use in the planning process, agree on when and how to finalize the national plan, built consensus on how the federal early generation seed demand producers fill the regional gaps, and agreed on how early generation seed marketing will be organized to ensure fair allocation of EGS to different seed producers.