Using recommendation mapping for the purpose of scaling CASCAPE best fit innovations in Ethiopia

BENEFIT-CASCAPE is developing a methodological tool that allows users generate maps that show how and where best fit innovations can be scaled in specific areas. The recommendation domain mapping method is a GIS based multi-criteria evaluation tool that builds on the suitability of each innovation taking biophysical aptitude, and socio-economic feasibility aspects into account.

Following the testing of the tool in 2017, a decision was made to capacitate CASCAPE scaling experts in two regional centers of excellence (linked to the universities of Addis Ababa and Mekele). The first of the three trainings planned for 2018,  was held on May 7-11 at Azeeman Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on “Mapping CASCAPE innovation recommendation domains – training session 1”. The training was facilitated by Andrew Farrow (GeAgrofía) and Herman Agricola from WUR. Five biophysical and socio-economists experts from Mekele University and two from Addis Ababa University attended that training.

Topics covered included:

  1. Introduction to recommendation domain mapping
  2. Underlying principles (Fuzzy logic, Script writing, AHP)
  3. Installing open source software
  4. Fundamentals of R within recommendation mapping and practical hands on exercises
  5. Accessibility modelling in QGIS
  6. Definition of activities to be carried out before next training session

The training used a stepwise method that included reviewing existing recommendation maps and the models used to create them; identifying new innovations in the same woreda to take advantage of the data already collected; consideration of existing innovations (with the same rules and membership functions) in a new woredas and maping new innovations in new woredas.

The next training is planned for 11th– 15th June 2018.

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