Contribution to the development of a national seed sector transformation agenda

BENEFIT-ISSD, Integrated Seed Sector Development in Ethiopia held a two-day workshop to contribute to the national seed sector transformation agenda and support regional seed core groups translate the recommendations into their unique situations across the regions.  Over 25 participants from four regional states of Ethiopia (Amhara, Oromia, SNNPR and Tigray), representing Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), regional core groups and federal seed unit, research institutes, bureaus of agriculture, seed regulatory bodies, seed enterprises, ATA, and NGOs (GIZ), and ISSD staffs attended the workshop. It was held on November 29 and 30, 2018 in Bishoftu, Pyramid Resort &Hotel and facilitated by team members of ISSD Ethiopia from Programme Management Unit (PMU) based in Addis Ababa. The workshop was a great success in creating a platform to share expertise and experiences, debate over priorities for change, and collectively agree on next step forward to bring transformational change.

ISSD’s discussion on seed sector transformation started in April 2018. The overall purpose was to better understand the seed sector, and formulate a joint vision, goals and strategies towards a self-sufficient, competitive, transparent, innovative and sustainable seed sector.  The workshop brought together key seed actors to discuss ways to bring fundamental structural and system changes to alleviate systemic problems in the seed sector. This workshop was organized as a follow up to further refine the recommendations from April’s meeting and present it to the newly appointed State Minister of MoA, H.E. Sani Reddi, for further discussion.

The first day morning session devoted to learn and discuss about three ISSD seed value chain innovations.  The “Seed Marketing – enhancing the efficiency of conventional seed marketing” presentation summarized the work that has been done in 2018. The “Sustainable Early Generation Seed (EGS) production and supply in Ethiopia” covered the progress made in the last two years, while “Establishing seed sector coordination body in Ethiopia” highlighted the need for coordinated and collective effort to drive the seed sector transformation agenda.

In the afternoon session, following the sector transformation framework developed by AidEnvironment, the participants were divided into 3 working groups to validate the goals and strategies drafted under six building blocks – production, market, services, finance, coordination and regulation and management.  The amendments proposed were discussed in plenary, and those changes agreed upon were incorporated to be presented for extended consultation with federal representatives the following day.

The second day was dedicated to further validate and refine the goals and strategies with representatives from federal MoA, ATA, EIAR and GIZ, and present the agreed upon outcome to H.E. H.E. Sani Reddi.  The workshop ended with agreement on next steps proposed by the State Minister, and his affirmation on the government’s commitment to work on the agreed upon priorities to transform the seed sector which is imperative to transforming the agriculture sector.





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