Gender Mainstreaming and Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) training for agriculture researchers

Gender Mainstreaming (GM) in agricultural research and Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) trainings were provided for two Oromia agricultural research institute centers – Jimma Agricultural Engineering Research Center and Bedelle Soil Research Center. The training was organized following the findings of a skill gap analysis conducted by CASCAPE Jimma University. 26 researchers attended the training at Jimma University College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine on 17-19 December 2018. The trainings was facilitated by BENEFIT-PCU gender and nutrition expert.

The purposes of the trainings were to build the capacity of researchers in gender mainstream in agricultural research, understand why nutrition matters in agriculture, linkages between nutrition and agriculture, the concepts of NSA and its principles, and how to mainstream NSA in their respective work. The experimental design and impact analysis using the data analysis software such as R and STATA were the gist of the training.

The trainings were supported with power point presentations, Focus group discussion, group exercise, statistical figures, videos, and pictures. The researches appreciated the training, with regards to its relevance in content, knowledge gained from skilled experts, and good facilitation technique used throughout the trainings. At the end they expressed their commitment to internalize the concepts and skills they acquired in their day to day research activities. All training material used during the training and additional reading materials were distributed to the trainees.

Contributed by Selamawit Firdissa (BENEFIT-PCU) & Wondimu Tesfaye (JU-CASCAPE)



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