BENEFIT annual report 2018

The focus of the 2018 BENEFIT partnership have been on (i) further demonstration of evidences for the agricultural transformation agenda and enhancing the engagement to effectively communicate the evidences for development and policy; (ii) alignment with relevant initiatives including the Agricultural Transformation Agency, the Agricultural Growth Programme, and the Productive Safety Net Programme and other public programmes for synergy; (iii) creating evidences from by scaling of product & place and thematic collaborative activities; and (iv) strengthening of the mainstreaming of crosscutting issues mainly gender and nutrition in all BENEFIT programmes. The programme was also reviewed for its mid-term achievements by external consultants.

hand with leaf     1,813,946 farmers reached with increased productivity (direct and indirect)

264,674 farmers reached directly: 25% ♀ and 75% ♂; 28% youth under 35 years.

1.388.861 farmers reached with improved access to input markets

56,982 persons reached/trained with improved technology and skills: 40% ♀  and 60% ♂; 27% youth under 35 years.

261,334 trained farmers in sustainable agricultural production & practices: 31% ♀ and 69% ♂; 29% youth under 35 years.

4,525 farmers reached with improved access to output markets 20% ♀ and 80% ♂

Contributed to 19 substantial policy changes



114,998 of hectares of farm land used more eco-efficiently (direct and indirect)

1,048 companies with supported plan to invest, trade or provide services


For the complete executive summary click BENEFIT 2018 annual report executive summary

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