EIAR, ATA and BENEFIT signed a tripartite agreement for joint validation of appropriate technologies and fertilizer recommendations

Ethiopia Institute of Agriculture Research (EIAR), Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) and Bilateral Ethiopia-Netherlands Effort for Food, Income and Trade (BENEFIT) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for joint validation of technologies, identification of appropriate fertilizer recommendations and scaling strategies for successful technology promotion. The MoU was signed by Director General of EIAR, Dr. Mandefro Nigusse, BENEFIT Manager, Dr. Dawit Alemu and ATA  Chief Executive Officer, Khalid d Bomba. The MoU signing ceremony took place on March 5, 2019.

The MoU provides a framework that governs cooperation and clearly sets the modalities of collaboration with specific roles and responsibilities of the three institutions. The collaboration between EIAR and BENEFIT will focus on technology sharing, validation and pre-scaling activities to supply appropriate technologies including crop varieties, seed, labor saving technologies and to disseminate and pre-scale EIAR technologies to the wider farming communities.  EIAR, ATA and BENEFIT will work together to validate and amend the current blanket blend fertilizer recommendation to develop site and crop specific recommendation of blend fertilizer type and indicative rate for 10 woredas on 4 major crops. The main purpose of the MoU is to overcome the currently existing blanket fertilizer application recommendations that may lead farmers to over-fertilize in some areas and under-fertilize in others, or apply an improper balance of nutrients for their soil or crop.

This joint effort also aims to enhance collaborative culture to improve the research extension linkage through joint validation activities and joint learning to contribute to wider impacts.

BENEFIT partnership singed the MoU on behalf of its two programmes namely Realising Sustainable Agricultural Livelihood Security in Ethiopia (REALISE) and Capacity Building for Scaling up of Evidence based Best Fit Practices in Agriculture Production in Ethiopia (CASCAPE).

The MoU will be effective from the date of signature of both parties until 2020.

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