Taking DSM from pilot to institutionalization in Ethiopia

BENEFIT-ISSD in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) held a half-day meeting to review successes achieved in Direct Seed Marketing (DSM) pilots, create a better understanding of the newly endorsed DSM directive and agree on way forward towards institutionalization. The meeting was held on March 21, 2019 at Bin hotel in Bishoftu. It was attended by over 40 participants representing high officials from MoA, Bureau of Agriculture (BoA) from four regional states (Amhara, Oromia, SNNPR and Tigray), Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA), public and private seed enterprises and ISSD staff from Addis Ababa.

ISSD’s effort on DSM started with a pilot in two woredas and two seed producing companies in 2011. Eight years later, in collaboration with ATA the effort has reached 228 woredas, serving 1.4 million farmers, accounting for 60% of 2018 seed sells  in the country, with support of 1400 seed marketing agents. For 2019, the projection is to add 160 woredas bringing the total number of DSM implementing woredas to 350.

Considering the life of the pilot, the number of woredas covered, successes achieved and the recent endorsement of the seed market directive, all agreed the next phase is to raise awareness of the directives and make it operational at regional level towards institutionalization of the concept of seed marketing.

Following three presentations by ATA and ISSD, the plenary discussion led by H.E. Ayinalem Nigussie, State Minister of MOA and Seifu Assefa Agricultural Input Marketing Directorate, Director focused on the directive, role of MoA and RoA, governance, finance, resource and capacity.

The meeting ended with remark from H.E. Ayinalem who thanked ISSD and ATA for their continuous effort in promoting seed marketing, and ISSD for organizing this meeting to take the institutionalization process one step further. She noted that even though the successes achieved so far are very encouraging, we need to ensure the institutionalization process is a success to bring systematic and sustainable change.


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