Assessment of effective seed dissemination mechanisms

An ISSD-OSE (Oromia Seed Enterprise) unit conducted an assessment of effective seed dissemination mechanism to identify the best seed dissemination mechanisms; type of crop that farmers prefer to distribute among themselves; number of farmers involved in the process; and to differentiate between farmers (male or female) who use recycled seed often. This assessment was conducted in six woredas in Oromia region, where ISSD programme started implementing crowd sourcing (CS) approach in informal seed system in 2017 cropping season. Results of the assessment:-

  • The major mechanism farmers use to disseminate preferred varieties is selling, followed by seed exchange with another seed/varieties.
  • There is a marked variation in seed dissemination across woredas.
  • From varieties deployed through this programme, farmers recycled more seeds of pulses like faba bean and haricot bean than other crop types.
  • CS and Participatory Variety Selection (PVS) approaches are a good ways to address the needs and interests of women and men farmers.
  • Women farmers are relatively good in disseminating varieties in small amount through exchanges / gifts.
  • Majority of the farmers start disseminating seeds in different forms after they have increased the amount growing the crop for two or more seasons.
  • The deployed varieties are reaching farmers beyond the woredas it was first introduced.
  • Weak monitoring support from DAs and woreda experts have limited wider dissemination of seed through CS and PVS.


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