BENEFIT-REALISE BDU Cluster Manager received “Ethiopian Women in Science” Award!

Dr. Almaz Giziew, BENEFIT-REALISE Bahir Dar University (BDU) cluster Manager ranked first among 45 female teacher-researchers from all universities in Ethiopia, for her principal role in six published researches in 2011 EC (2018/19) alone, and her outstanding research engagements that are impacting the livelihood of poor farmers in the region.  She was awarded during a science week  (November 22,2019) celebrated under the motto “Ethiopian Women in Science”, organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, MoSHE.  The competition was based on three main parameters: the number of published research outputs, community service engagements, and university-industry linkage participation. Dr. Almaz noted that BENEFIT-REALISE activities were invaluable input in winning this award, especially in meeting the university-industry linkage participation parameter.


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