BENEFIT-ENTAG 12th poultry platform meeting on the effects of COVID-19 on Ethiopian poultry sector

Like many businesses in the world, COVID 19 is negatively affecting the poultry sector in Ethiopia.  In order to identify the major effects on the sector, BENEFIT-ENTAG in collaboration with EPPPA (Ethiopian Poultry Producers and Processors Association) conducted a quick assessment in June 2020, through a questionnaire survey distributed to poultry stakeholders. The findings highlighted huge losses related to reduced access to input supplies; reduced access to market; impact on employment; lack of storage facilities leading to wastage of products; increasing feed price and unregulated market.  

To share the findings and discuss the recommendations proposed, BENEFIT- ENTAG with the collaboration of EPPPA and MoA successfully held its 12th poultry platform meeting on August 7.  The online meeting was attended by 20 representatives from MoA (Dr. Fikru Regassa, State Minister of Livestock), EPPPA, VDFACA, SNV, EMDIDI, MOFEC, Animal Health Input Suppliers (Zoetis, Ceva), Poultry producers and ENTAG.

Dr. Fikru Regassa acknowledged the value of the recommendations and noted they should be incorporated in the Ministry’s COVID 19 response plan. He also advised to divide the recommendations into short term and long term, where MoA will take the lead to providing short term support to producers, and establishing a forum with concerning government stakeholders to prioritize the long term issues such as availing forex. He also highlighted the relevance of working on import substitutions, especially parent stock, since relying on parent stock import is a major bottleneck of the sector. In addition, promoting domestic consumption to stimulate market and in general organizing forums related to enabling conditions on poultry health and breeding was mentioned as a way forward.

In addition to working with relevant stakeholders to mitigate the effect of the pandemic, BENEFIT-ENTAG is currently representing the poultry sector in a technical team organized to develop an “Ethiopian Agriculture Rural Development Policy” where all livestock and poultry policy related issues are expected to be addressed.

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