BENEFIT-ENTAG shared its internship project experience with MSM and stakeholders

In response to the request of the Embassy of the Kingdome of the Netherlands, BENEFIT-ENTAG implemented a one and half year pilot project that aimed at linking fresh graduates in fields related to agriculture, with agribusiness companies in Ethiopia. The pilot was developed to in-house train and capacitate young graduates. Through this initiative, 189 agricultural graduates (35% female, 65% male) were assigned to 88 agribusiness companies from 1 August 2018 to 31 December 2019. In addition to four months on job training, about 90% of them also received entrepreneurship training.

At the end of the pilot, the programme shared its achievements, challenges and lessons learned with stakeholders interested in job creation projects/initiatives to use as input in their interventions – one of them Maastricht School of Management. The University approached BENEFIT-ENTAG in 2019, to get an input in designing an intervention on capacitating ATVETs and linking their graduates with agribusinesses. The project lessons were found very useful and were used to finalize its project design and start its intervention in 2020.

Following this, the Bright Future for Agriculture (BFA) project of MSM invited BENEFIT-ENTAG to its planning workshop on Jan 26, 2021, to share its experience with participants from ATVETs, universities, agribusinesses and education bureaus. The information shared was used to further refine their planning.

To get more information on BENEFIT-ENTAG Internship Programme read here.  

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