introduing Multi-crop thresher (labor saving technology) in North Wollo Zone Wadila woreda

Crop production in Eastern Amhara, in general in Ethiopia is small-scale and non-mechanized that demand heavy human and animal power. Traditional method of using animal power for threshing results   not only in significant quantity and quality losses but also is time consuming and laborious. Despite the important benefits of improved technologies to farmers, they are not readily available for the farming community in Eastern Amhara.

In response to this BENEFIT-REALISE Woldia University cluster introduced and promoted a mechanical multi-crop thresher-model 2020 fabricated by an Indian agro machine industry named Paracash. The project provided the thresher to farmers in North Wollo Zone Wadila woreda Timtimat kebele through Ediget-Behibret Seed Production & Multiplication farmers’ cooperative. In addition to reducing postharvest loss, saving labor and time, the machine is highly relevant in improving the seed quality of the seed multiplier cooperative. 

Farmers have started using the threshing machine for cereal crops mainly wheat. The multi-crop thresher has a capacity of 2.5 quintals of grain per hour, as observed on the field on wheat crop, and has fuel consumption of 1.5 liters per hour. Farmers testified that they are saving a considerable time and labor using the machine. Threshing of quintals of wheat is now taking about 3hrs compared to the traditional method that took 7 oxen days and 4 man days.

AbebeTebekawis one of the farmers in Wadila Woreda Timtimat kebele who used the threshed said “The thresher is really a labor-savingtechnology compared to the traditional animal-based threshing method. I have finished threshing and collected grains of 5.5Qt wheat crop within 3 hours that used to take at least two days using the traditional animal threshing method. In addition, the grains are cleaner, no breakage, no dusts & unwanted matters making it perfect to be used for seed. We are thankful to the REALISE Project in Woldia University Cluster.

Sete Fentagegn, Ediget Behibret’s seed production and multiplication cooperative chair person said, “The cooperative is administering the multi crop thresher. We give priority to member farmers of the cooperative to ensure we provide improved crop seeds in future. But we are also giving the service for other farmers. Member farmers are requested to pay about ETB 100 birr and those who are not members are paying birr 125 per hour.”

Sete also added that the provision of the machine (MCT) by REALIZE Project Woldia University Cluster to the cooperative has multidimensional benefits specifically to the cooperative and generally to the farmers in the kebele. Hence, the cooperative will strongly work to provide quality seeds to farmers in the kebele as well as in the woreda.

One comment

  • Good intervention! Besides labor and time saving, it is also very economical and maintain the quality of the seed/grain. It is important the project to train farmers for simple maintenance, if not yet done. Keep the good work!!!


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