BENEFIT-REALISE held three regional institutionalization workshops to ensure continued use of its achievements

BENEFIT-REALISE University clusters together with the Project Management Unit (PMU) organized three regional institutionalization workshops to identify key innovations / practices to institutionalize and discuss roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders to ensure continued use of BENEFIT-REALISE key achievements (best practices and approaches). The workshops attended by high level officials and key stakeholders from the government, research institutions, universities, beneficiary farmers and the programme staff, were successful in sharing the major achievements of the programme, agree on way forward and get the commitment of key stakeholders to ensure scaling and institutionalizations of selected best practices and approaches of the programme.  

BENEFIT-REALISE institutionalization agenda started at the inception of the programme, and due attention was given to it throughout the programme implementation period. Key stakeholders were part of the planning, implementing, monitoring and learning process, some even served as members of senior institutional advisors (e.g., regional BoA- PSNP directorate, Regional Agricultural Intuitions Director Generals, Zonal and Woreda including the seconded staffs, EIAR Director General).  

Over the last three years, the programme was successful in developing, adapting and verifying best practices to improve the livelihoods of food insecure communities supported by the government PSNP programme. As a result of the hard work done by the programme, most PSNP households who participated in the programme were able to close their food gap months towards being self-reliant and built their resilience through asset building. Selected beneficiary farmers were present to give their testimony on how their lives improved because of the programme intervention. Overall the programme was able to deliver beyond what is set out to do and have created high demand for new technologies among PSNP farmers.

Realizing that the sustainability of the achievements will highly depend on what will happen in the next couple of years, the workshop focused on discussing practices and approaches to institutionalize, reasons for selecting those innovations, identify stakeholder to lead the process, key roles and responsibility of stakeholders and the timeframe of the institutionalization process. In almost all regional institutional workshop the participants underscore the project life is sufficient to generate evidence but too short to mainstream and institutionalization all the key findings.  

The workshops were concluded with a vote of thanks to EKN for its financial support; WUR for its technical support; MoA (extension and PSNP), bureau of agriculture particularly the zonal department of agriculture, woreda and kebele staffs of office of agriculture and natural resources, EIAR, research institutions and implementing universities for their overall contributions to the success of the programme.

The Oroma workshop, organized by Haramaya University (HU), Arsi University (AU) and Oda Bultum University (OBU) clusters was held in Dire Dawa on Feb 25-26. The Amhara workshop organized by Bahir Dar University (BDU) and Woldia University clusters was held in Gondar on Feb 13th and 14th, 2021. The SNNP and Sidama regions workshop was organized by Hawassa and Arba Minch University clusters on Feb 26 and 27, 2021.  

BENFEIT-REALISE Oromia Region Institutionalization Workshop

BENFEIT-REALISE Amhara Region Institutionalization Workshop

BENEFIT-REALISE SNNP and Sidama Regions institutionalization workshopread the meeting full report here

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