Building resilience and empowering women through goat fattening business

With an objective of enhancing the resilience of PSNP households and empower women, BENEFIT-REALISE Haramaya University cluster piloting a goat fattening business using revolving loan scheme in East Haregre.  The pilot was implemented in collaboration with woreda BOANR, Cooperative Promotion Office and Rural Saving & Credit Cooperatives of the respective kebelles.  

Ashu Mohammed yesuf, is a 40 year-old mother of five, two of them already married. As one of the beneficiaries selected for goat fattening intervention in Ido Balina. she received five goats, 50 kg concentrated feed, 20 litters molasses and 20 litters Effective Microorganism in July 2020. She was also trained in goat fattening and feeding management. In March 2021, she had four well fattened goats. She said, “Before I owned these goats, I had nothing and I relied on PSNP support. Now, I feel wealthy, I am wealthy. I am building my household asset I can depend on. Since I received the goats I sold only one to cover the cost of my son’s wedding. And the four I have now, I can sell them for 10,000 – 12,000birr, I am just waiting until Arafa-Muslim Holiday to get peak price.  I am confident I can fully refund my loan and look forward to a brighter future. “

Juhara Abdi, a 30 year old mother of two is another PSNP supported women who was selected for the pilot. Like her neighbor, Ashu, she depended on PSNP to feed her family. She said, “The goats mean a lot to me, since they helped me at a time I faced a big challenge. A few months after I received the five goats, feed and training, I got seriously ill. I would not have been able to recover this fast if it was not for the goats. I sold two of them to cover my medical expenses and take care of myself. As you see, I have two now, that are well fed and fattened and I want to continue doing this, since it is profitable business.”

By Genet G. Mariam, BENEFIT-REALISE Monitoring and Evaluation Senior Expert

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