BENEFIT-REALISE: National Conference on Institutionalization

BENEFIT-REALISE programme held a one-day national conference to share its achievements over the last three years and discuss on key institutionalization issues before the closing of the programme in June 2021. The conference followed three regional institutionalization workshops organized in Amhara, Oromia and SNNP to ensure sustained continuity of the programme approaches and results. Over 35 participants representing government organizations, universities, research institutions, NGOs, the World Bank and programme staff attended the conference held on March 26 at Swiss Inn Nexus Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Participants from WCDI, WENR, ISRIC, the World Bank and Mekelle University joined the meeting virtually.

The conference was a great opportunity to acknowledge and thank the programme partners who played a key role in the overall achievements of the programme, and identify major institutional issues that need attention to ensure the effective and timely integration of the programme Best Fit Practices (BFPs) and approaches into existing practices. The participants listened to presentations from key stakeholders that included Dr. Mandefro Nigusse, CEO of Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) and former State Minister at the MoA; Yenenesh Egu, Director of Extension Directorate, MoA; Mr. Ephrem Mesfin from MoA, Dr. Ermias Abate, DDG, Amhara Regional Agricultural Research Institute (ARARI) and Dr. Tewodros Tefera, BENEFIT-REALISE Programme Manager.

The presentations (listed below) and discussions focused on success factors that made BENEFIT-REALISE achieve impactful, positive sustainable changes and key innovative approaches and practices that should be embedded within the existing systems. The unique components of the programme that was appreciated by the participants included (i) the design process that was based on lessons from relevant programmes, baseline data and scoping studies; (ii) context specific clear targets and innovation pathways; (iii) the programme’s unique institutional arrangement; (iv) the strong partnership & coordination; (v) its leadership, regular communications; (vi) inclusion of cross cutting issues (climate, nutrition, youth, and women); and (vii) its focus on institutionalization process.  

At the end of the conference, the MoA Extension Directorate affirmed its commitment to lead the mainstreaming of customized extension package on ‘one timad’ package and follow up on inclusion of BFPs within the national extension packages. In the remaining time, the programme will continue facilitating the institutionalization process with relevant stakeholders and high-level officials. During regional institutionalization workshop universities, Bureau of agriculture and regional Agricultural Research Institutes have shown their commitment to embed some of the BFPs and approaches in their routine mandates.  

For further information

BENEFIT-REALISE National Conference Report

Contributions of Bilateral Programmes to National Development Agendas: the case of REALISE programme – Dr. Mandefro Nigussie

BENEFIT-REALISE Programme approaches, key achievements, institutionalization process and lesson learnt – Dr. Tewodros Tefera

Institutional innovation in the making for ‘one timad’ package: The MoA joint experience with REALISE programme – Mrs. Yenenesh Egu

Towards Realising Sustainable Agricultural Livelihood in PSNP areas: snapshots of innovations from BENEFIT-REALISE, Dr. Ermias Abate, DDG, Amhara Regional Agricultural Research Institute (ARARI)

Institutionalization of innovative approaches in the making: The case of IRM and soil mapping joint activities with REALISE programme – Ephram Mesfin from MoA

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